Best answer: What is the least attractive accent?

While a certain tri-state accent ranked among the sexiest in the entire country, another local accent didn’t fare too well — coming in dead last as the least sexy accent in the U.S. According to a Big 7 Travel survey, the accent found among New Jerseyans has the least sex appeal compared to the state accents.

What are the least attractive accents in the world?

Amongst the least favourite accents for female respondents, were Mexican, with a score of just 23 per cent, and South African, with just 29 per cent favouring the accent.

Which accent is most attractive?

While Queen’s English and the Welsh accent have been deemed the joint third most attractive (47%).

Accent Attractive Unattractive
Scottish 51% 21%
Queen’s English 47% 17%
Welsh 47% 21%
Northern Irish 44% 25%

What is the least attractive UK accent?

UK’s most ‘sexy’ accent as Scouse voted the least attractive dialect. Scottish is now the most sexy accent in the UK, a new study suggests. The survey of 2,000 Brits found that the most appealing voices in the UK are found north of the border.

What is the ugliest accent?

It’s official: Pittsburgh has America’s ugliest accent. So said a slight majority of voters in the final round of a tongues-in-cheek online tournament by that pitted Pittsburgh vs. 15 other cities.

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Which accent is easiest to learn?

Option 1: the American accent

Spread around the world by American cinema, music, television and more than 350 million North Americans (including Canadians, eh), this is the easiest accent for most people to understand, whether native speakers or non-native speakers.

What’s the worst accent in UK?

The Brummie (Birmingham accent) has been routinely ranked as the worst British accent by polls. It is often associated with lower class people and low intelligence. The absolute worst are Birmingham and Geordie, also bad is Wigan and in the South West in parts they sound like pirates.

What is the most romantic accent?

August 17, 2021. Share this article: THE IRISH accent has regained its right place as the world’s sexiest – and it’s all thanks to Colin Farrell. According to a survey of 5,000 men and women conducted by, the Irish accent is the one that leaves them feeling a little flustered.

What is America’s ugliest accent?

“The Western Pennsylvania English accent is often considered the ugliest in all of America, so Pittsburgh locals can feel lucky that they’ve escaped last place this time around,” the staff at Big 7 Travel wrote in a ranking released last week that asserts Pittsburghers have the 46th least sexy accent in the nation.

What is a poor British accent called?

Received Pronunciation, or RP, is what most non-Brits are used to hearing as a British accent, often when you switch on the BBC or World Service. But it’s called the Queen’s English for a reason – hardly anyone in the UK apart from the Queen speaks this way.

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Which English accent is hardest to understand?

There are many, very distinct, British accents. It’s true that Indian accent is the most difficult one in the world to understand.