Can a charged body attract another charged body?

Yes, a charged body can attract another uncharged body. When the charged body is placed near the uncharged body, the induced charges of opposite kind are produced on the uncharged body by the charged body. Now, they are oppositely charged and the uncharged body is attracted by charged body.

Can a positively charged body can attract another positively charged body?

Yes, when the charge on one body (q1) is much greater than that on the other (q2) and they are close enough to each other so that force of attraction between q1 and induced charge on the other exceeds the force of repulsion between q1andq2.

Can two charges attract each other?

If a positive charge and a negative charge interact, their forces act in the same direction, from the positive to the negative charge. As a result opposite charges attract each other: The electric field and resulting forces produced by two electrical charges of opposite polarity. The two charges attract each other.

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Can a negatively charged body attract another negatively charged body?

(a) yes. Two bodies are placed close to each other where one has much more charge than the other. Then due to induction, force of attraction becomes more than force of repulsion.

Can a charge body attract a neutral body?

The answer is YES. Charged particles indeed attract uncharged ones. … As such, the closer end of the uncharged body now experiences lack of electrons, which is a characteristic of positive charge. Hence, the ends of the two bodies develop opposite charges and mutual attraction occurs.

Can 2 balls having the same kind of charge attract each other?

No two balls carrying the same charge will never attract each other.

Can a body have a charge of 4/10 19 Justify your answer?

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No, it can’t.

What type of charges attract each other?

Any charged object – whether positively charged or negatively charged – will have an attractive interaction with a neutral object. Positively charged objects and neutral objects attract each other; and negatively charged objects and neutral objects attract each other.

Why do like charges attract each other?

Complete answer:

Repulsion refers to the force which makes two charges move away from each other while attraction refers to the force which makes two charges to come in contact with each other. … This virtual transfer of photons from a positive charge to a negative charge causes an attractive force between them.

Why do two bodies attract each other?

Two point masses or objects always attract each other because of the presence of gravitational force . gravitational force is a force of attraction between two bodies which is directly proportional to product of there masses and inversely proportional to the squre of the distance between that two particles.

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What does a charged body do to an uncharged body?

When two bodies have different charges on them, they attract each other. When a charged body is placed near an uncharged body, the charged body induces opposite charge on the uncharged body.

What happens when like charges interact?

Like charges repel each other; unlike charges attract. Thus, two negative charges repel one another, while a positive charge attracts a negative charge. The attraction or repulsion acts along the line between the two charges.

When an object is attract to a negatively charged?

Two opposite charges attract each other. So, by this analogy if a negative object attracts another object then the charge on the other object will be positive. An object can be in neutral state but when an object which has a negative charge is put close to an object with a neutral charge.

Can two positively or negatively charged bodies show attraction?

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yes, they can attract each other when one of them is very very large than the other. then, the electrostatic force acting on the two is not due to their initial charges but will be due to the charges produced due to induction and hence attraction takes place.

Why do like charges repel?

Whenever two like charges are placed near each other, they start exchanging a virtual photon amongst themselves, which transfers the momentum between them, and thus they appear to repel each other.