Do I need a license to be a tour operator?

Tour operators is a business that needs licensing. This is due, in part, to the chance of liability. If something were to happen, and you’re not licensed by the state or country you live in, that means you’re probably not bonded either, which could cause major financial and legal problems down the road.

What qualifications do you need to be a tour operator?

This area of work is open to all graduates and entry without a degree or diploma is possible, though it can take time to build up the required level of experience. Graduates with degrees in leisure, travel, tourism, management, marketing, IT, business, languages or hotel and catering management may have an advantage.

How do you get a tour operator license?


  1. A Caravan Tour Operator must apply for the licence in the proper manner. …
  2. The application for approval shall be submitted online through …
  3. Upload scanned documents.
  4. The payment of a fee of Rs.

Do you need to be licensed to be a travel agent?

From 1 July 2014, travel agents do not need a licence. This includes any individual or corporation (including general sales agents, wholesalers, consolidators, retail agents and some tour operators) who does business as a travel agent.

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What is the difference between a travel agent and tour operator?

A tour operator sells the product that they themselves create. They do not sell anybody else’s packages, they sell only their own creations. … A Travel Agent offers the consumer a range of holiday packages that have been put together by a tour operator.

What is tourism license?

Tourism license for outbound tour operator

This type of license allows a company to organize outbound trips. This visa is helpful for businesses to work inside as well as outside the country in travel and tourism.

How is certification relevant to a tourism business?

As public concern grows about the harmful effects and the positive impacts of travel and tourism, certification provides a credible solution to complex environmental and social issues. Travel providers proudly display information regarding their certificate and the certifying body that issued it.

What is a domestic tour operator?

A domestic tour operator is one who makes arrangements for transport, accommodation, sight seeing, entertainment and other tourism related services for domestic tourists.

How do I start a small travel agency?

Here’s the steps to take to start your travel agency from home:

  1. Find a Travel Agency Niche: …
  2. Choose your travel agency’s name: …
  3. Choose a Business Structure: …
  4. Creating your Travel Agency Business Plan: …
  5. Register your company with the state: …
  6. Get an FEIN (optional, but recommended): …
  7. Set up your travel agency financials:

What are the types of tour operator?

Types of Tour Operators. There are five main categories of tour operators that you could fall into: inbound tour operators, outbound tour operators, domestic tour operators, receptive tour operators, and ground tour operators.

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What is the role of a tour operator?

Tour operators are responsible for organising and preparing holiday tours. They follow trends in the popularity of destinations and packages, and adjust company plans accordingly. Skills in other languages would be a big advantage in this role.