How do I get a French Polynesian visa?

How do I apply for a French Polynesian visa?

Tourist Application Requirements for a French Polynesia Visa

  1. Hold a passport valid for at least six months beyond your date of country exit and with one blank visa page.
  2. Hold proof of onward and return flights.
  3. Hold all documents required for the next destination.

Do U.S. citizens need visa for French Polynesia?

U.S. citizens do not need a visa if entering on a regular tourist passport and staying no more than 90 days every six months. If the purpose of the trip is not tourism (work, scientific research, etc.), then you may be required to obtain a visa before arrival in French Polynesia.

How long can I stay in French Polynesia?

Policies do change, but at the moment, here’s the info on Long Stay Visas. European Union citizens can stay in French Polynesia as long as they like, without being required to obtain a special visa in advance. (All visiting yachts may stay for three years without being officially imported.)

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Do Canadians need a visa for French Polynesia?

French Polynesia tourist visa is not required for citizens of Canada for a stay up to 90 days.

How long can I stay in Tahiti?

For U.S. and Canadian Citizens: Passport must be valid for a minimum of three months after the return date. No visa is required for stays of up to 90 days.

How long does it take to get a visa to Tahiti?

Allow 15 working days for visa processing.

How do you get to French Polynesia from the US?

Coming from the USA you can either fly direct from Los Angeles to Pape’ete or go via Honolulu (fare differences vary greatly depending on the season). Air New Zealand and Qantas do a code share with Air Tahiti Nui on this route, and Air France and Air Tahiti Nui flights from Paris to Pape’ete go via Los Angeles.

Can EU citizens move to French Polynesia?

The entry of foreign nationals to settle and/or work in French Polynesia is subject to specific conditions. … A residence permit is required for periods of stay in excess of three months, except for nationals of a Member State of the European Union, the European Economic Area (EEA), the Swiss Confederation.

What is the currency of French Polynesia?

The currency used in The Islands of Tahiti is the the Pacific franc (international abbreviation: XPF). An interesting feature of this currency is that its exchange rate with the euro never varies and is set at 100 F. CFP = 0.838 Euros (or 1 Euro = 119.33 F. CFP).

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Can I live in France after Brexit?

Long stays

Any UK citizen traveling to France for a period of longer than 90 days after Brexit will need a French long-stay visa (visa de long séjour). You can obtain long-stay visas in France for a range of reasons. These include for work or business purposes, to study in France, or to join family members.

How do I become a French resident after Brexit?

You will have to apply for a temporary Long Stay visitor visa ‘VLS-T Visiteur’. If you spend more than 6 months a year in France, you are then considered as a French resident and must apply for a Long Stay visitor visa (visa de long séjour valant titre de séjour VLS-TS « visiteur »).

Can foreigners buy property in French Polynesia?

3. Foreigners are eligible to buy property in French Polynesia. European citizens can purchase properties in French Polynesia just like any Polynesian or French national. International (non-European) buyers must have government authorization for all foreign investment to ensure the money is ‘clear’.

Can French citizens live in French Polynesia?

Visas. Everyone needs a passport to visit French Polynesia. … Anyone from an EU country can stay for up to three months without a visa, as can citizens of Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and Switzerland. Other nationalities need a visa, which can be applied for at French embassies.

Is French Polynesia a good place to live?

The living environment

The atmosphere is great, as well is the climate, and you spend your weekends feeling like you’re on vacation. That’s pretty good. The best thing to do afterwards, if your budget allows it, is to make the most of long weekends by going for example to Moorea or to any other Polynesian island.

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Can I work in Tahiti?

In order to work in Polynesia, non French citizens need to obtain a “carte sejour” or “permis de travail”, otherwise known as a work permit. Obtaining one of these work permits is extremely difficult to do.