How do you scale paper to attract?

Because it is neutrally charged. If the same scale is rubbed with your hair and then if it is kept near paper pieces, it would start attracting them. This is because when a scale is rubbed against hair, static electricity is generated through it. Thus the scale gets charged and attracts the pieces of paper.

Why do tiny bits of paper get attracted?

Tiny bots of paper undergo electrostatic force , when you rub a comb or pen or anything which is plastic. Therefore they get attracted to the thing which you have rubbed.

Does a metal rubbed hair attract pieces of paper?

with plastic scale it is possible, because rubbing it with your hair generates static electricity – as plastic is a bad conductor of electricity. where as metal scale absorbs electrons and hence it doesn’t generate that effect. Bits of paper are dielectric and get attracted through dielectrophoretic force.

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Can plastic comb attract paper?

Plastic comb gets electrically charged due to rubbing & therefore it attracts tiny pieces of paper.

Does the attraction between the rubbed comb and the pieces of papers last long Why?

Does the attraction between the comb and the piece of papers last for longer period of time? No, because the comb loses its net charge after some time. The exess charge of the comb transfers to earth through our body after some time.

How are pieces of paper attracted to a comb?

You can observe static electricity if you run a plastic comb through your hair, then place the comb near small pieces of paper. The paper is attracted to the comb. This happens because the charged comb induces an opposite charge in the paper and as opposite charges attract, the paper sticks to the comb.

Why does a scale attract paper?

This is because when a scale is rubbed against hair, static electricity is generated through it. Thus the scale gets charged and attracts the pieces of paper.

Why do socks taken from a clothes dryer sometimes cling to other clothes?

Laundry Why do socks taken from a clothes dryer sometimes cling to other clothes? SOLUTION: They have been charged by contact as they rub against other clothes, and thus, are attracted to clothing that is neutral or has an opposite charge.

Why does paper being neutral is still attracted by charged plastic scale?

6 Answers. This is because the neutrality of polarity can be changed by electric field in this case. When you create – charge in the comb and you expose the pieces of paper to the electric field created by the charge, you will polarise them so that the part closer to the comb will be + and the other will be -.

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Is paper positively or negatively charged?

The bits of paper are electrically neutral, but when you bring the rod close to them, even though paper is not a conductor, that is, the charges within it are not free to move about as a current, the negative charges have enough mobility that they are repelled by the rod.

Why is the plastic scale not able to attract pieces of paper before it gets rubbed by dry hair?

Answer: the plastic comb rubbed with dry hair attract the piece of paper because due to generation of electrostatic force. they generate opposite charges each other. so when they bought closure they attract to each other.

Is it easier to get electrostatic effects in dry or moist air?

Dry air preferred

Static electricity is formed much better when the air is dry or the humidity is low. When the air is humid, water molecules can collect on the surface of various materials. This can prevent the buildup of electrical charges.

Why does your hair stand after taking your hat off?

As you remove your hat, electrons are transferred from hat to hair, creating that interesting hairdo! Remember, objects with the same charge repel each other. Because they have the same charge, your hair will stand on end. Your hairs are simply trying to get as far away from each other as possible!

Why does static electricity attract paper?

The fibers have lost electrons giving them a positive charge. The rubber gained electrons giving it a negative charge. The positively charged fibers are now attracted to the negatively charged balloon. The negatively charged balloon attracts the paper.

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Which force is responsible for the attraction between a tiny bits of paper and a recently rubbed plastic comb?

When the charged comb is brought near bits of paper, the electrostatic force of attraction between the atoms of the paper and the comb caused by the electrons on the surface of the comb polarizes them which attracts the pieces of paper towards the comb.