How important is coastal tourism for island nations an assessment of African and Indian Ocean islands?

Coastal tourism is an important component of the global tourism industry, particularly for island nations where the tourism sector often exceeds 40% of gross domestic product. For African island and Indian Ocean island nations, the tourism sector’s economic contribution has not received as much attention.

Why is coastal tourism important?

On the other hand, sustainable development of coastal tourism has the potential to create beneficial effects on the environment by raising awareness of environmental values, contributing to environmental protection and conservation, thus resulting in an increase in their economic importance [1]. …

Why is tourism important for islands?

Tourism is often the principal source of employment and foreign exchange earnings for island states, and the dominant economic sector.

What is coastal and island tourism?

Coastal tourism refers to land-based tourism activities including swimming, surfing, sun bathing and other coastal recreation activities taking place on the coast for which the proximity to the sea is a condition including also their respective services.

Why is coastal development important?

Coastal areas help prevent erosion; filter pollutants; and provide food, shelter, breeding areas, and nursery grounds for a wide variety of organisms.

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How does tourism impact the ocean?

Tourism has a huge influence on water pollution, but a huge source is from cruise ships. These ships, which are a popular vacation choice for many, dump a lot of waste into the ocean every year. … In these unregulated areas, they’ll dump the untreated sewage waste of the thousands of people that they have on board.

What is coastal tourism?

The ICMTS definition of coastal and marine tourism is “Coastal and marine tourism includes those recreational activities which involve travel away from one’s place of residence which have as their host or focus the marine environment and/or the coastal zone.”

Why do Caribbean countries depend on tourism?

Lifeblood of economies

Caribbean islands are most dependent on tourism for jobs. Caribbean islands rely heavily on travel and tourism for employment – the industry accounted for 90.7% of jobs in Antigua and Barbuda in 2019.

What are the advantages of tourism in the Galapagos Islands?

Increased competition amongst hotels has meant that is now cheaper to stay on the Islands than ever before (when compared to staying on a ship). When tourists stay on the Islands, this helps money to go directly to the local community.

Why do you think tourists are especially attracted to coastal areas and islands?

Tourist are attracted towards coastal and island areas because there they get the peaceful atmosphere and clean and green environment. They get relaxation to go away from their hectic schedule.

Why are coasts important economically?

Coastal areas are important economically: Many coastal areas rely on ports for effective transport links. Railway lines are often built along the flat land at the coastline. Industry is also often based in coastal areas.

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How does coastal development affect the ocean?

The number of people living on the coasts has rapidly increased in recent decades, causing significant development of coastal areas. Coastal development can negatively impact the ocean through the destruction of coastal marine habitat and through run-off of sediments and pollution.

What are the benefits of living on the coast?

Physical Activity

Daily exercise is important for fighting obesity, improving heart health, and reducing cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Living close to the ocean encourages people to get out and enjoy the salt air and sunshine, staying active and providing the health benefits of daily exercise.