Quick Answer: What is the easiest English test for Australian visa?

Which is the easiest English language test for Australian visa?

Easiest English Language Test for Australian PR

  • The Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • The International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • Occupational English Test (OET)
  • The Cambridge English Language Assessment.
  • And the Pearson Test of English (PTE)

Which is the best English test for Australian visa?

The Australian government’s Department of Home Affairs accepts IELTS as proof of English language proficiency for all visa categories. In fact, IELTS is the only tests accepted by all immigration authorities of Australia, the UK, New Zealand and Canada.

What is the easiest English test for visa?

Which is the easiest English proficiency test?

  • Speaking. Online PTE coaching. Since the PTE and the TOEFL tests are computer based, the test is done on a computer. …
  • Writing. PTE mock test free. Writing section in all three tests takes about 1 hour. …
  • Reading. Online PTE practice. …
  • Listening. Scored PTE mock test.

Which is easier PTE or OET?

Students in the health care sector have a test system called The Occupational English Test (OET) which assesses the language communication skills of health care professionals who wish to register and practice in an English-speaking environment. … Therefore, it is difficult to get high scores in OET as compared to PTE.

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Is duolingo test hard?

At Duolingo, we believe that the content of a test should be challenging, but not the experience of taking it. That’s why we designed the Duolingo English Test to quickly adapt to a test taker’s learning level, withholding content that is likely too difficult — or too easy.

Which is easier IELTS or Pearson?

The short answer to this question is NO. The difficulty of IELTS compared to PTE is the same. Neither test is easier than the other. They are both demanding and require fundamental skill building as well as knowledge of the test format.

Is duolingo test accepted in Australia immigration?

Yes! Many universities in countries like Ireland, Australia, UK, USA, Canada and more are now accepting the Duolingo English Test. Is Duolingo accepted in embassy? There are currently no online language tests that are acceptable for immigration purposes or student visa.

Is IELTS difficult?

IELTS is no more difficult than any other exam. The questions are straightforward and designed to assess how well you can use your English – not to trick you or test your opinions. As with any exam, IELTS requires thorough preparation. Also, remember that there is no pass or fail in IELTS.

Which English test should I take?

The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is probably the best-known and most commonly used English proficiency test. Along with the IELTS, it is one of the two tests that are usually accepted by American universities.

What is the most difficult English test?

4 Hardest English-Language Proficiency Tests in the World

  • The IELTS English Proficiency Test. IELTS is the most widely recognized English proficiency test in the world. …
  • The TOEFL Exam. …
  • The PTE Academic Test. …
  • UN Language Competitive Examinations.
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Is duolingo easier than English IELTS?

Thus, although the Duolingo is a lot shorter, your ability to answer the questions correctly within the stipulated time limit does require good language skills – just as IELTS does! Based on your proficiency, you are likely to find the Duolingo test just as easy or difficult as you would find the IELTS test.

Is OET easy to pass?

Is OET easier than IELTS? Although there are a few rumours that OET is easier to pass than IELTS Academic. This is not true. The level required from each examination by Regulatory Authorities in the UK is the same.

Is OET difficult?

As expected, the two tests vary in difficulty. The OET is easier in some ways because it is more specific to healthcare, so you can make use of your healthcare knowledge, vocabulary and experiences. … The speaking test will involve having a conversation with the examiner based on some specific topics.

What is IELTS 7 equal to PTE?


PTE Academic overall Score IELTS Academic Overall Bands
50 6
58 6.5
65 7
73 7.5