Quick Answer: Who is the first director of tourism?

Who was the first director general of Tourism?

List of Ministers of Tourism

No Name Prime Minister
1 Raj Bahadur Lal Bahadur Shastri
2 Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy (Minister of Transport, Aviation, Shipping, and Tourism) Indira Gandhi
3 Karan Singh
(1) Raj Bahadur

Who is the director general of Tourism?


Name Ministry Designation Email
Mr. Arvind Singh, IAS Secretary sectour[at]nic[dot]in
Mr. Ganji Kamala Vardhana Rao Director General dg-tourism[at]nic[dot]in
Mr. Chetan Prakash Jain Joint Secretary & Financial Advisor asfa-culture[at]gov[dot]in
Ms. Rupinder Brar Addl. D.G rup[dot]brar[at]gov[dot]in

Who is the Minister of Tourism and Culture?

Hon’ble Union Minister of State for Tourism and Culture (I/C) Shri Prahlad Singh Patel visited the Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre at Leh on 5 Sept ,2019.

Who is the administrative head of Ministry of Tourism?

The Ministry is headed by the Union Minister for Tourism and Ministers of State. The administrative head of the Ministry is the Secretary (Tourism).

Who is tourism minister of UP?

The department is also responsible for drafting and implementation of the tourism policy, including heritage, air service, and eco-tourism policies for Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh Tourism.

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उत्तर प्रदेश पर्यटन विभाग
Map of Uttar Pradesh
Location Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
Region Uttar Pradesh
Tourism Minister (Independent Charge) Neelkanth Tiwari

Who was the founder of inclusive tour?

The first organised tours dated back to Thomas Cook who, on 5 July 1841, chartered a train to take a group of temperance campaigners from Leicester to a rally in Loughborough, eleven miles away. By 1872 he was undertaking worldwide tours, albeit with small groups.

Who is the father of tourism?

Thomas Cook, (born November 22, 1808, Melbourne, Derbyshire, England—died July 18, 1892, Leicester, Leicestershire), English innovator of the conducted tour and founder of Thomas Cook and Son, a worldwide travel agency. Cook can be said to have invented modern tourism.

Which is the most expensive type of tourism?

The Most Expensive Vacation Destinations

  • Dubai.
  • Seychelles. …
  • Bora Bora. …
  • Tuscany. …
  • British Virgin Islands. …
  • Fiji. …
  • Paris. Much like New York, Paris, France, has become a popular destination for many travelers. …
  • New York City. New York, New York is unsurprisingly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. …

Who is India’s 2021 Culture Minister?

Kishan Reddy is the current Minister of Culture.

Ministers of Culture.

No. 11
Name Prahlad Singh Patel (MoS, Independent Charge)
Term of office 30 May 2019
7 July 2021

How many ministry are there in India?

Current Ministries

There are 51 Union ministries in India.

Who is the current Minister of Defence?

G Kamala Vardhana Rao appointed Director General of Tourism, Hospitality News, ET HospitalityWorld.

Which is the Golden Triangle of India?

India’s golden triangle is a tourist circuit which connects the national capital Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. The Golden Triangle is so called because of the triangular shape formed by the locations of New Delhi, Agra and Rajasthan on a map.

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