What are the characteristics indicative of an attractive market segment?

What is an attractive segment?

A segment becomes attractive when the product in question seems new to the customers and has plenty of room to expand.

How do you assess the attractiveness of a market segment?

You can evaluate the market potential of a segment by looking at the number of potential customers in the segment, their income and the number of people in the segment who need the kind of product you offer.

What does market attractiveness mean?

the degree to which a market offers opportunities to an organisation, taking into account the market size and growth rate and the level of competition and other constraints.

How do companies identify attractive market segments and choose a market targeting strategy?

How do companies identify attractive market segments to target? Answer: To target the best market segments, the company first evaluates each segment’s size and growth characteristics, structural attractiveness, and compatibility with company objectives and resources.

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What are the market attractiveness factors to be considered when identifying probable new markets?

Here are six key factors that most businesses will consider when they analyse the attractiveness of target international markets:

  • Size & growth of the market (e.g. population) …
  • Economic growth & levels of disposable income. …
  • Ease of doing business / political environment. …
  • Exchange rates. …
  • Domestic competition. …
  • Infrastructure.

What are the 4 key criteria for effectively determining which segments are attractive enough to pursue as a target market?


To be an effective target, a market segment should be: identifiable, sizeable, stable or growing, accessible, and congruent with the marketer’s objectives and resources.

What are the two criteria for market attractiveness?

Market size and growth rate are two basic factors when evaluating a market.

What is industry attractiveness discuss the factors on which it depends?

Industry attractiveness is measured by external factors such as: market size, market growth rate, cyclicality, competitive structure, barriers to entry, industry profitability, technology, inflation, regulation, manpower, availability, social issues, environmental is sues, political issues, and legal issues.

How do you identify market segments?

A good market segment should be: Identifiable (or differentiable). It should be possible to describe a segment according to descriptive characteristics (geographic, demographic and psychographic) or behavioral considerations (consumer responses to benefits, usage occasions or brands).

What are the 3 factors to consider in evaluating which segments should be targeted?

In assessing market segments, a firm should consider three factors. These are: The segment size and growth. The segment structural attractiveness.

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How do companies identify market segments?

Further, segmentation can be done on the basis of lifestyle and personality traits. On an individual level market can be segmented on the basis of attitude, belief and perception of products, product awareness and usage pattern. There are various factors, which affect segmentation in the business market.