What is specialist tour operators travel and tourism?

A specialist tour operator plans unique travel adventures for niche clientele. More specifically, these individuals organize trips for people with shared hobbies or interests, such as cycling or hiking, who would like to engage in such activities during recreational travel.

What does specialist tourism include?

Special interest tourism is defined as travelling with the primary motivation of practising or enjoying a special interest. This can include unusual hobbies, activities, themes or destinations, which tend to attract niche markets.

Which are the activities of specialized tour operators?

Tour operator is directly involved in the planning, development, promotion and realization of tourism product for commercial purposes. Thus, the realization of tourism activity in the broad sense of the activity is carried out by various enterprises as economic agents of tourism market [5].

What does specialist tour operator mean?

A specialist tour operator is essentially a customer of each of their service providers. Often, these relationships have been developed and nurtured over many years, resulting in a mutual trust, better service, discounted rates and many other benefits that go in hand in hand.

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What does specialist travel mean?

Specialist travel, often referred to as special interest tourism, is a form of niche tourism. It groups together an indefinite number of types of tourism that are specialist in nature. Specialist tourism is often linked to a personal hobby, sport or interest.

What is an example of specialist travel?

Types of specialist tourism: relating to sport eg cycling, golf, diving, water sports, hiking; adventure eg white- water rafting, bungee jumping, mountaineering; health tourism; nature tourism; ecotourism; relating to special interests eg painting, cookery; educational eg school tours; cultural tourism; other eg …

What is the role of a tour operator in tourism industry?

The tour operator is responsible for creating and maintaining tour packages for customers. Management of tour packages includes preparing activities that appeal to the specific travelers embarking on the trip.

How many specialist tour operators are there?

There are approximately 600 UK-based tour operators.

Why is specialist tourism growing?

This has led to the development of specialist tourism because more people are becoming more adventurous and older people are living longer which is leading them to take more holidays and also tourists that have lots of money but little time are going to go on city breaks or other types of holidays for example, hobbies …

What are the types of tour operators?

Types of Tour Operators. There are five main categories of tour operators that you could fall into: inbound tour operators, outbound tour operators, domestic tour operators, receptive tour operators, and ground tour operators.

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Is responsible travel a tour operator?

Destination specialists

Responsible Travel promotes tours to 190 countries around the world, and most of these have specialist operators who are either from the destination or who work there exclusively.

What are the four main types of tourism?

Broadly speaking, there are four major types of tourism namely: (i) international tourism, (ii) domestic tourism, (iii) long distance tourism, and (v) short distance tourism.

What are the three types of travelers?

A new survey from Choice Hotels shows that there are three common types of travelers: experience, budget and luxury. More people are driving to their destination.