What is another word for foreigner?

What is another word for non citizen?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for noncitizen. alien, foreigner, nonnative.

What is the antonym of foreigner?

foreignernoun. Antonyms: native, indigene, citizen. Synonyms: alien, emigrant, immigrant.

Is a foreign national?

A foreign national is defined simply as “an individual who is a citizen of any country other than the United States.”

What is a non example of citizen?

A person who is not an inhabitant or national of a particular state or town. ‘most of the refugees were classed as non-citizens’ ‘The legislation would likely end up applying to all non-citizens detained by the government both outside the US and within.

What is a synonym for Outlander?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for outlander, like: foreigner, intruder, settler, migrant, immigrant, alien, stranger, émigré, newcomer, outsider and native.

What is a foreign?

Definition of foreign

1 : situated outside a place or country especially : situated outside one’s own country foreign cities. 2 : born in, belonging to, or characteristic of some place or country other than the one under consideration has a large foreign population foreign languages.

Is a foreigner a citizen?

A foreign national is any person (including an organization) who is not a national of a specific country. For example, in the United States and in its territories, a foreign national is something or someone who is neither a citizen nor a national of the United States. The same applies in Canada.

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What is a foreign country?

Definitions of foreign country. any state of which one is not a citizen. “working in a foreign country takes a bit of getting used to” type of: body politic, commonwealth, country, land, nation, res publica, state. a politically organized body of people under a single government.

What is the meaning of non citizens?

A non-citizen is defined as. “any individual who is not a national of a State in which he or she is present.” There are certain inalienable rights (outlined in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights of 1948) to which all humans, regardless of citizenship or nationality, are entitled in principal.

What is an antonym for citizen?

Opposite of an inhabitant of a particular town or city. noncitizen. foreigner. illegal. immigrant.

What is the different between citizen and non citizen?

Citizens are legal members of a state. They enjoy legal rights in a state. Non-citizens are not legal members of the state. They do not enjoy legal rights.